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    something radom i put together from quizz resalts

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    something radom i put together from quizz resalts

    Post by emogirl4evr on Wed Nov 30, 2011 10:19 pm

    It was dark, and you were walking back to your room when you notice a figure sitting at the fountain. You couldn’t see who it was and you were curious. Thinking maybe it was Kanane or maybe Zero. As you got closer, you saw that it was Zero. You shyly walk up to him. You been letting Zero drink your blood for a while but you don’t mind. If it helps Zero then your game. He looked up when you were a foot away. “(Insert name here) what do you want?” He asked. You shuffle your feet and didn’t remember why you came over. “Oh, nothing. I was just going to my room…” You trailed off, because Zero kissed you. Then you went to his room and you two, started to do some naughty things. *a month later In the doctor’s office waiting for the results. The doctor came back. “Your test re positive for Aids.” He said. You were shock for a lot of reason. One them was you weren’t even testing for Aids! “Umm…Aids?” You mange to say, still in shock. “Oh, sorry Miss (Insert name here) was talking to Yuuki Cross.” You sigh, relief that he wasn’t talking to you. However, you felt sorry for Yuuki. “And Miss (Insert name her) you are going to have baby.” Great, how are you going to tell Zero? When you got back to Cross Academy, you found Zero in is room. The two of you sat down on his bed. “Zero I am going to have…a baby.” His reaction surprise you, you thought he would yell or something. But he looked down and stroke you belly and smiled. * nine months later You have a beautiful boy who looks like his father but has your personality. His name is Haru. Later on you had twin girls, Senta and Momoka.

    Right now you were at the school’s dance. You were just sitting there watching Zero stand there. Everyone else was having fun and you were wondering how to ask Zero to dance with you. You had a crush on Zero, but you never got the courage to ask him out. He was so handsome but at the same time scary. That’s what you liked about him. Then you saw Aido who was dancing with girls surrendering him. But seeing him now, smiling, maybe that’s what changed you mind about Zero. You looked down, now confuse. You didn’t notice Aido was standing in front of you. “(Insert name here) would you like to dance?” Aido asked. You looked up, surprise that Aido wants to dance with you! The other girls were in an up roar over Aido asking you. “Sure.” You said. Happy that you might actually get to dance, and to dance with someone who was hot. You and Aido danced for along time, you realize you liked him not Zero. When you and Aido stopped, you guys decide to go out on the patio. You guys continue to talk when you felt Aido’s lips where on yours. Then you to made your way to your room and did something that involved a bed. *a week later Guess what? You going to have a baby! That what the doctor said. You reaction pretty well, especially when you ran five blocks away from the doctor’s office. Did I mention that you screamed for joy (not really)? Aido took pretty well, yep, he locked you out of room and said that he never want to see you again. Just kidding!! He actually wants a baby girl. *nine painful months You had a boy name. Mamoro who was his father but a smaller vision. Later on, you had three more children. Another boy name Kin, and two girls, name Cho and Kichi. Your son takes after you and your one daughter, is like her father. Rukia is a mixture of both of you.

    THE NIGHT CLASS ARE SO HOT!! You scream in you head as the Night Class went by. Ichijo was the one you loved. You two had a lot in common. You looked for Ichijo, waiting for him to walk by. You saw him, who waved hi to you. You waved back. Him mouth the words meet you in your room. You couldn’t wait, but you wonder why your room. But you didn’t care. You waited in your room. You were in your pajamas when you heard the door knocked. You said come in and it was Ichijo who came. “How was you day?” You asked as you put away homework. “Good. How about you?” He asked. “Good.” He sat down across from on your bed. Then without knowing it, you two started making out, then did some very naughty things. * three days You and Ichijo were at the doctor’s office and test results came in. “You pregnant.” Announce the doctor. “(Insert name here) I will be there for you.” Ichijo said to you. *nine months later You had twin girls, both of them have your looks but had her dad’s personality while has you personality, there names was Amaya and Chika. After three years, you had another girl who is name. She looks like neither you nor her father. She looks like Kaname but acts like Zero.

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    Hanabusa Aido

    The small crowd was silent as the bottle spun, Aido watching it intently. 7 spins 'round the circle and GUESS who it landed on? Hanabusa Aido!! The happy one. Aido started almost jumping for joy when he got the only human in the group. You groaned, "You bite me, you die." You said, clutching your gun tightly in your right hand, ready to pull it out at any second. "Don't be so uptight!" Aido shook his head, as he walked into the closet, and Kaname Kuran pushing you in and snapping his fingers, signalling Rima to put up her defense. As soon as the door closed you slumped against the wall farthest from Aido. "What's wrong?" Aido asked, his voice detached and yet focused on you at the same time. "Nothing." You grumbled, your eyes adjusting to the dim closet lighting and saw Aido sitting, alone, beside a small chest. "Oh! What's in there?" You asked, your eyes suddenly locking on it. "Something of Kaname-Sama's." Aido replied not taking his arm off of it's resting place up top of the chest. "Can we look in it??" You asked, intrigued by it. "On one condition." Aido grinned, showing his fangs. "And what would that be, Fangboy?" You asked, a sharp tone still in your voice. "You have to kiss meee!" He replied in a sing-song voice. You choked on air, "I'm sorry, What?" You coughed again. "You have to kiss me!" He said again, almost sounding annoyed at your repetition of his question. "Nu-uh." You replied, your voice a slight harder. "Then no secret treasure for you!" Aido stated, shifting his position slightly. "Fine!!" You said, annoyed, and kissed him. You could feel his fangs graze your lips and he pulled away, moving his head to your neck, where you could feel his fangs begin to graze your neck...

    Zero Kiryuu

    After about roughly 5 spins, the bottle lands on Kiryuu. "Oh...No." Both of you said in unison. "You can't leave me in here! I'll break down the door!" Zero yelled as Kaname pushed him into the closet. "Good Luck Kiryuu." You said smirking at his attempts to break down the door. "Aido reinforced the door with fire, and Rima's working on getting the indoor layer with electricity, either way, if you get out, you're either burned to a crisp, or...really that's it." You shrugged watching his expression go from anger to it's normal unexpressionless stare. "Well then, if you think you're so smart, you try." Zero challenged, his brilliant silver hair tossed to the side of his head, and his violet eyes gleaming in the dim closet light. "Fine." You said as you picked up a shoe, and threw it at the door. You could see Rima's defense mechanism set-up as the shoe bounced straight off after getting a direct burn. You walked past Zero, the coats wafting a little in his direction as you hit them. Zero covered his mouth and winced. "What's wrong?" You asked, generally concerned for once about Zero. Zero said nothing, he suddenly started gasping and clenching his jaws tight together, grasping his neck. You panicked and went to check his pulse, your scent wafting towards him from the airflow you created while even walking to him. Zero's eyes glowed red and he tried to refrain himself from biting you. When he couldn't hold any longer, he bit you, you didn't resist in an effort to calm him. Sickening gulps echoed through your mind, once he was done you held your neck for a moment. "Vampire then?" You muttered, you knew Kiryuu was different, he hardly talked to anyone but Yuuki, and you had tried to talk to him multiple times with no avail. Just...It never occured to you that he was indeed a vampire. Zero nodded silently, his eyes on the ground, and the mark on his neck slightly glowing. "Please..." He said in a strained voice, "Don't tell Yuuki." He ordered and asked at the same time. "I won't Kiryuu," You nodded, "On one condition." "And what--" He took a second to change his position stiffly, "And what would that condition be?" "That you kiss me." You responded, your voice unbreaking. "It doesn't scare you? That I'm a monster?" Zero's eyes widened in joy as he stared at you. You shook your head, "Nah, I mean, night class kids are...What's one more." You shrugged, "So...How 'bout it?" Zero took a deep breath, "I--" He was cut off by a pair of lips gently coming down onto his, you could feel his fangs as he bit your lip...

    you spin the bottle 7 times and i lands on the orange haired vampire, Akatsuki. As he gets up he smiles at you and ask if you are comming. you get up quickly at the question and enter the closet. once both of you are inside, he says "I'm sorry you got me, ____ I'm sure you wanted someone else like, Hanabusa." you stand there in shock, because you like Akatsuki. " No," you say gathering up the courage,"I like you Akatsuki, I love you." you say, as you blush and look at the floor. he grabs your chin, and makes you look at him, "Thats good,____, cuz I love you too." he says as he kisses you then the door opens to a smirking Hanabusa. and you two walk out. You can make it up from there....

    you spin the bottle 10 times and it lands on Ichiru.
    The other twin gets up and smiles at you while helping you up and walking you to the closet before the door is closed you see Zero smirk at his twin. once the door is closed you hear Ichiru ask you" do you like anyone,____" you blush and look down and say"yes i do i..." you dont finish your sentence you kiss him while blushing "does that answer your question, Ichiru?" you ask him. "yes it does." he says smirking, then he kisses you again after saying "i love you to, ____" then the door is opened by a shocked looking Akatsuki, "uh times up." You can make it up from there....

    You got Shiki

    you spin the bottle 12 times and it lands on the lazy red head Shiki. once he notices the bottle was pointing at him, he gets up and goes to the closet, with you following him. "umm Shiki we dont have to do this if you dont want to." you say sadly, you happen to really like Shiki. of course he notices, "____,whats wrong?" he asks you while sitting next to you."Shiki, i happen to really like you, but i dont know if you like me, and..." Shiki cuts you off with a kiss. when he pulls away he says "i love you, ___." then he kisses you again. right as the door is opened by a bored Ichiru. You can make it up from there....

    The bottle spins once and stops to point at Takuma who was busy stuffing his face into a manga. No surprise. He lowers his book and makes his way over to your seat. The second his hand touched your cheek, you face was bright red. “You’re so cute when you are embarrassed.” He said while smiling at you. He pulled his face closer to yours and the second your lips met you felt a jolt of energy shoot through you as his gentle kiss pulled you in. After he slowly pulled away from the kiss he flashed you a fresh smile and made his way back to his seat.
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    The bottle landed on the pureblood vampire. You blushed a bit and I rolled my eyes. I nudged you forward and you walked over and gave him a peck on the cheek. Earning you death glares from Yuki, Aido and Ruka. "Oh get over it! It's just a damn peck on the cheek!" I snapped at all three of them as you hurried to your seat.

    You looked over at him and he just sighed and motioned you to come over. You blushed alot and made your way to him. Rima tried tripping you but my sister Kasey knocked her lights out. xD You continued over to Shiki and then looked at Rima who was now laying unconscious in the floor with me laughing at her and giving my sister a high five. You felt two hands on your face pulling you into a pair of lips, Shiki's lips that is. Smile He smiled at you pulled you into his lap making you set on his lap for the rest of the night.

    i was realy board1 Smile and yes i got each resalt alot right?

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