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    Matsuri Hino's Words XD

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    Matsuri Hino's Words XD

    Post by SassyKnight on Thu Mar 08, 2012 12:22 pm

    This is just a discussion topic on what Hino Sensei has said throughout her Vampire Knight Volumes ^^ *gets all of VK books out and types out the interesting things about what she has said* XP

    This is vol.1 of Vampire Knight. Hmm… I remember many things from when I decided to draw this story (a night in Osaka) to what happened until this volume came out. I was in Osaka on August 1, 2004 for an autograph session…

    During the two nights I stayed there I had detailed meetings with my editor about my next series. First we decided that I would draw a vampire story … though I insisted I didn’t want to draw a comedy for a vampire story. I confirmed that it was acceptable for LaLa to have a story full of blood that would be like a horror story occasionally. (I was able to confirm that it was okay. Oh really?!)

    For the setting of the story, to make it easy to understand, I decided on a school setting. I wanted to draw a school/tragic love/vampire story. I felt that a vampire story would be challenging for me.

    And that’s how began.

    Vampire Knight is my first series with a serious twist. Considering that my previous MeruPuri had “cute and lovely as its them, this time it’s “fresh blood, Blood-covered school LOVE. They are quite different. (The “LOVE” portion becomes “If you want to hurry, go slow)

    I was apprehensive that a lot of readers would be surprised… but I’m looking forward to the kinds of responses I will receive ^^. But in the end the same person is drawing them: “The roots of all works are the same”. I’d be happy if you do not get scared and come with me.
    I’ve always wanted to draw a vampire story, and because it’s a “serious” story, I’m all fired up. Since I made my debut, I’ve been told that my drawings suit happy and bubbly stories (by all my editors…) and because I have fun drawing love comedies, I had avoided putting an emphasis on anything serious.

    I’m really looking forward to how the serious Vampire Knight will turn out… Mu ha ha ha!

    I first completed the character designs for Yuuki then for Hanabusa Aido. (Hanabusa had his name and that silly nickname decided then too.)

    Then Kaname was done. Kaname’s designs were so good, I thought Zero might be overshadowed…!!
    Then Zero’s designs were done. Kaname looks rather professional so I thought I’d make Zero like an ordinary person!! The result was this: the ordinary guy turned out like a juvenile delinquent…

    Regarding the names, Yuuki Cross and Kaname Kuran~ those two were decided smoothly. And Kaname’s name was too good (smile), so I thought I had to do something about Zero’s name (he had a different name at this point), or else Kaname would overshadow Zero!! (smile;;).
    I tried very hard to think of a name that sounded strong… I thought and I thought until was about to start drawing. Then I found the name Zero. Everyone agreed to it right away (well the decision was between my editor and me). I had the Kanji for zero read in katakana. I had some reservations, but in my head a “GO!” sign was shining…

    Regarding the characters’ personalities, these were also fixed with Yuuki first, then Kaname…
    With Zero my editor and I worried and worried and made a big fuss, thinking, “if something isn’t done, Kaname will overshadow Zero…!!!” (Kaname-sama you’re too scary. Please don’t eat Zero any more than this…)

    So Zero made me worry a lot, but because I tried very hard, he didn’t turn out to be a weakling. It was good. Really.

    Since Yuuki is the heroine, I had her set from the beginning. But she still has many blanks to fill in, so I hoping (like an indulgent parent) that by filling in those blanks, she’ll mature.
    Kaname…is filled as if there are no blanks left. Probably… (Probably?;)

    VOLUME 13
    Every month my Editor comes up with a lead-in sentence for the chapter title page in the magazine. (It's usually on the first or second installment.) In this space I'd like to list the recent one's I liked!

    "So which one of them is really falling?" (Fifty Third Night)

    "This was a lead-in to go along with the illustration for the cosplay contest results, and that lead-in made me nod my head in agreement."

    "I wanted to keep holding onto you in my hands forever..."(Forty-Sixth Night)

    "This lead-in went in perfectly with the two-page spread. This was exactly how I felt when I drew it. When you have the time, take a look at the title illustrations in the manga for these lead-ins."

    THESE are the ones I found interesting the most...

    "My list up of lead-ins continues."

    "When did the sin start?" (Fortieth Night)

    "Iv'e listed three so far, and these three pretty much grasp the "essence of this series" and really touches me. I even want them to appear on the obi of every volume..."

    "I've been awakened..." (Thirty-Seventh Night)

    "The important part about this one is the spacing between "been" and "awakened". It fit the slightly sinister looking Yuki in the title illustration perfectly.

    "Flowers for..." (Fifty-Ninth Night)

    "My favourite lead-in of all..."

    "The contradicting existence that I am..." (Sixtieth Night)

    A short sentence that describes Kaname wonderfully."

    "I'd like to thank my Editor or all the help!"

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    Re: Matsuri Hino's Words XD

    Post by lililovelilica on Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:56 pm

    I loved your post!
    I agree in one thing,Kaname have always loved as Yuuki

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