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Terry Candy

    Kaname and Yuki's Current Relationship

    Vampire Noble Class
    Vampire Noble Class

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    Kaname and Yuki's Current Relationship

    Post by SassyKnight on Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:58 am

    Kaname's top priority was always Yuki...But now I'm not so sure...Letting her go and giving her her freedom...Was it just for her protection? Or something else? Is Kaname going to leave her forever for his own goals and intentions?

    Also their current relationship seems like nothing at the moment...Is Yuki siding with Zero as his ally and Kaname's enemy? And do you think Yuki will try to harm Kaname and "Stop him" like she's been saying for so many chapters?

    So far Yuki has said nothing about her and Kaname's current relationship...Except the fact that she would move as his chess piece..And although she did want to examine him more closely and know more about him, why is she suddenly looking like she wants to kill him?

    What concerns me is Yuki's "Responsibility". Remember she said that she wanted to end the lives of people who no longer desired to live? What if Kaname no longer wants to live? Would she really end his life if he was the cause of Zero's tragedy and Yuki thinking he's a "Murderer" for killing Aidou Dono and other Purebloods?

    After discovering the truth about him I think that she seems confused about him and her own feelings...

    YuMe seems so complicated right now...But what if Yuki was to have a relationship with Zero? YuMe's problems would need to be solved (Which could take many chapters)

    Even so I still believe both couples have a chance...It's just the chance of YuMe seems low unless Yuki resolves their relationship...

    BTW I would hate to be locked up in a mansion for a whole year... Imagine...No sunlight...No windows...No contact with the outside world...Living as a human for 10 years and knowing what was outside... Even if it was for her protection...Isn't it a bit cruel? LOL

    LOL That is enough to make anyone go insane... Shocked How did Yuki do it??? confused
    forever in the cold

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    Re: Kaname and Yuki's Current Relationship

    Post by forever in the cold on Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:30 pm

    hi i know this is a little of topic but i could have swaron that you where a "zuki" not a yume,you were a really strong zero surporter and now a yume?!?!
    but anyhow i think that yuki does not believe what kaname has told her and because of that she is going to find out the "truth" from him (but i dought she will)
    Vampire Noble Class
    Vampire Noble Class

    Posts : 338
    Join date : 2011-10-17
    Location : My Heart
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    Re: Kaname and Yuki's Current Relationship

    Post by SassyKnight on Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:26 pm

    Hey Um Im a ZeKi XD Always will be XD

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    Re: Kaname and Yuki's Current Relationship

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