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Terry Candy

    Vampire Knight CHAPTER 84 scanlation

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    Vampire Knight CHAPTER 84 scanlation

    Post by nina on Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:31 pm

    First topic message reminder :

    The english scanlation of the chapter is up!

    "... I want to fall down with you to the very farthest depths ... taint me too Kaname"


    *wants to sneak under these bed sheets*

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    Re: Vampire Knight CHAPTER 84 scanlation

    Post by kanachanimmortal on Tue Aug 21, 2012 7:18 am

    darkwolf123 wrote:
    rayatta wrote:
    Shoujo-Zo18 wrote:

    Other minions? I thought she took all the girls with her when she went to Cross Academy? She even brought them with her from Cross Academy to the Hunter Assoc. to be protected along with her. It didn't show the transition, but all the girls that she had changed were with her when she went to Cross Academy, unless she does have extras in hiding... idk, that very well could be O.O All I know is, i do remember them being in the dungeon... but I also remember a large group of girls being with her when she first went to Cross Academy and I just assumed that was all of them. Maybe you're right that some of the harem is still in the dungeon... what if they're the ones she didn't give her blood to and left to transform into Level E? Ugh that'd be horrible. T-T

    Sara dragged Takuma with her to his grandfather's company and she turned the head of the company, apparently with a bunch of others who she was using to manufacture the tablets she wanted. Those were the ones I was referring to Razz I'm not sure if she gave blood to theme; I'm thinking not, but yes, it would be horrible!!!

    mariangie wrote:

    I'm crazy to know what happened to that bunch of vampires that Sara turned into vampires and are keep locked away . Also about those vampires who drank Sara's blood tablets . What I would like to see is those vampires attacking the Hunters Headquarters .

    But as the story is developin. Maybe they just end home . Without any fight involved . Drinking tea after Sara dies . With a little of Yuuki's new blood tablets by the side as snacks . BUAAAHHHHHAAAAHHAAAA!!!!!!!!! The most quiet way to resolve this issue ! I hope this part is just a joke and not the real outcome .


    About the girls turned into vampires by Sara . For what the story has told so far . Every one of the females Sara has bitten and turned into vampire :

    1-Gave their consent to become a vampire .

    2- Stabilized by Sara to Level D.

    3- Become part of her harem of girls .

    So none of the female ex - human vampires turned directly by Sara is inside a dungeon nor in risk to become a Level E . The ones who are keep prisioner ; in risk of become Level E ; or turned against their will are all male .

    The one who was shown as prisioner of Sara was the President of the Pharmaceutical Company . The who helped to develop the blood tablets with Sara's blood inside . He was in a basement prision with other guys .

    I think that Hino is creating a really interesting scenario here, because what is there to do with all of these Sara-minions when she is gone...? Poor little homeless children drinking tea and tablet snackies!!!!! rofl That image is so funny!!

    I want answers (as usual!)!!!!!!! Buahahahahaha!!!!

    Now i seriously think this isn't going to end any time soon i think all of this might take some time to be sorted out, and therefore wont end in the next few chapters like i previously thought... im going crazy just trying to make sense of this all. sFun_crazybat but i do hope this all plays out well, (with sara ending up dead sFun_mischieviousbig ) and maybe having kaname or zero get together with yuuki. hypnotise
    and at this point i would even consider aido as yuuki's lover . anyway i just want to see someone end up with yuuki already...

    i think yuuki and zero will be together to catch kaname as kana chan will again disappear totally.
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    Re: Vampire Knight CHAPTER 84 scanlation

    Post by kanamekuranlover on Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:05 pm

    if sara is dead i hope yuuki won't develop apathy for kaname for hurting ichijo san. Shocked
    hope not.
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    Re: Vampire Knight CHAPTER 84 scanlation

    Post by KuranPrince on Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:49 pm

    lucykaede wrote:i think yuuki and zero will be together to catch kaname as kana chan will again disappear totally.

    Except the problem of that situation is Zero is vowing revenge on Kaname because he thinks he's responsible for the death of his parents while Yuuki is protecting her Kaname from Sara's sudden attack. I don't think Yuuki and Zero will ever be together and Kaname will disappear... it's not that simple. There's more to this mystery that needs to be solved... especially the mother metal piercing Sara. We don't know if Sara is presumed dead at the moment, but will be revealed in chapter 85 this week.

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    Re: Vampire Knight CHAPTER 84 scanlation

    Post by Sponsored content

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