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Terry Candy

    The people kaname feed on.



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    The people kaname feed on.

    Post by RIchard on Thu Oct 25, 2012 6:39 pm

    So I reread the manga and noticed some thing I didn't peace together before and that is just how many people kaname has inside of him.
    In chapter 74 page 7 and 8 we have Yukki feeding on zero and then inside of him on page 7 we see fragments of yukki and kaname, on page 8 we see fragments of ichiru, the 3 people we know he has feed on.
    Now to get to the point of the topic in chapter 62 page 20 we have yukki feeding on kaname and shizuka and redo both appear, people we know kaname has feed on, however after them on page 20 and 21 we see an endless swarm of people that seem to be vampires. So this leads me to wonder just how many vampires kaname might have feed on in the past.

    It is obvious this happen after the hooded womens death as well, so it is also possible that kaname feed on and killed them for revenge also it is possible that kaname wants to wipe out the pbs for that same reason. If it wasn't for them the hooded women wouldn't have needed to lose her life and kaname wouldn't have had to lose her.

    Anyone else have any opinion on this?
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    Re: The people kaname feed on.

    Post by mariangie on Fri Oct 26, 2012 2:08 am

    A thing to remember . After HW sacrifices herself to create the anti - vampire weapons / hunters . Kaname had the purpose of killing the remain purebloods , them die himself . So probably he drank / feed from the purebloods he killed during this past . If Kaname was responsable to the dead of almost all purebloods from the past . This make Kaname not only the most powerful pureblood alive . But means he has the memories of a ton of purebloods inside of him .

    A question related to Kaname's purpose to kill all purebloods in the past is . Why he changed his point of view during the his past ? Because when he did . This was the moment he became Vampire King and a truce between humans and vampires was created .

    If Kaname just wanted to kill every pureblood during his past . There wasn't the need for a vampire king or ruler . As eventually all purebloods were to die . And human vampire hunters could take care of the remainding vampire society .

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