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    Kaname being reckless and careless?



    Is Kaname still the "King of the chess"?

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    Kaname being reckless and careless?

    Post by The Chrysalis Whispers on Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:03 pm

    So, i have been thinking this for a while now. Kaname recklessly attacked the Tohma Head without a second thought and he is ignoring Sara and he plans. He should know better that Pure bloods are unpredictable and sort of sneaky. He is the King of vampire race now, don't you think that he should be more careful about his acts? If he keeps up like this, then people are going to object his ways and actions, despite his influence as a pure blood. DO you think that "lesson" he taught Tohma, was essential?
    Don't get me wrong, i know that Tohma was wrong to injure Yuki and all, but still isn't Kaname being careless? He teaches others vampires to co-exist with humans, but he should first teach them to co-exist with their own specie. Moreover, Do you think that the Tohma clan will also turn against Kuran clan now?
    If i forget for one second about my love for him, i think that Kaname is being to careless. He said it before too that when he was little, he was too indulged in the happiness with Yuki, do you think that this is the same case?
    Kaname wants to create a peaceful environment then he should make allies, not enemies. But i think that at this time, Kaname has no such real allies. Takuma who supported Kaname is now trapped with Sara. Sara and Tohma are against him, in a way. The Hunter Association, if finds even a slight mistake, then they will surely not ignore it. Do you think the real problem is that Kaname gave Yuki Artemis and let her go so easily? Is Yuki at fault or is Kaname the real person at fault of the whole "Tohma Incident"?
    I want to know what you guys think. Is Kaname really being careless or is everything still under his control? Or is it just me?

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    Re: Kaname being reckless and careless?

    Post by juliet on Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:28 pm

    M, interesting subject.

    I think that if it was up to Kaname no, he would not give to Yuuki, Artemis. Even when she tried to get out of the house Kaname made a light attempt to keep her in, she insisted, she fought him LOL and she earned her freedom.

    Actually he had no choice, she would rebell against him at some point and Kaname would give in one way or another so it was inevitable.

    He presented her to the vampire society, he tried to make it clear that she was protected by him and then he let go. So I do not consider it careless of him, rather Yuuki when she chose to defend the peace of the cemetery than herself. Danger exists everywhere she should be more aware of herself.

    As for Toume if he had left him with no consequences the message would be that "it's okay, do it again, i do not care"...As a leader generally he must attirbute a fair punishment of some kind, he can not let purebloods do whatever they want.

    Now about Sara perhaps he was a bit more delved into his own problems with Yuuki to notice her actions around, even though I am not currently convinced that he doesn't know about it...the hunters were after Sara's tracks (back at the school - first visit) because they received an anonymous I am not sure and Takuma's stay there does not seem so coincidental...

    We will see until here I will give him credit that Sara is moving behind the scenes and she had not commit anything illegal - the girls volunteered. But now that she has hostages in her cell the action needs to change.

    I will give him merit ( I know I am too easy on him but...innoncent until proven guilty...isn't that what they say?) or in our case..careful until he proves careless...

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    Re: Kaname being reckless and careless?

    Post by Akaruisama on Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:11 pm

    Hmm... I don't belve Kaname is recless and careless. We don't know about his plans, but I m sure he know about Sara's actions and intention and has many plans. This story is telling us from Yuuki point of view so Hino doesn't show everything. In spite of that she is very consequent in creating her characters so Kaname doesn't change so suddenly.

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    Re: Kaname being reckless and careless?

    Post by Sponsored content

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