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Terry Candy

    Rido's feelings?


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    Rido's feelings?

    Post by ZeroLover on Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:24 pm

    Hi guys, so this is my first topic that i'll post, so go easy on me.
    And i want to say thanks to Chrysalis for telling me about this forum. So, i wanted to know was it easy for Rido to attack Kaname and Yuki, mostly Yuki. I mean do you think that Rido regretted hurting his family, even a little? Was he really happy taking revenge?
    We know that he hated Haruka, but was it true? Do you think that its possible that he wanted to change everything or was he apathetic? Had all the feelings vanished from his heart leaving only madness and despair?

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    Re: Rido's feelings?

    Post by juliet on Wed Oct 06, 2010 3:27 pm

    M, Rido, very unfortunate guy- Yuuri turned him down for Haruka - apparently that started it all.

    Then his next fiancee Shizuka prefers a human for her lover than the pureblood.

    Yuuki did not even had her on her list (who is uncle Rido? sEm_oops )

    And when she discovers him she kills him.

    So he was like trying to make an attachement but totally failed, well he was not the best person in the world.

    Yuuri and Haruka trusted him the baby and he went and sacrificed it to wake up the ancestor who he could not tame anyway. (Overestimating his power? :fryingpan: )
    And then he is probably banned from the familly tree making a conspirancy with the council.

    The only sentiment he shows is when Yuuki stabs Artemis and he goes : "The scythe was not what I wanted from you... Yuuri..."

    But the thing that calls Yuuki as Yuuri is incredible. Futhermore there he changes his opinion about killing her and wants to marry her.
    Poor soul may I say....that gives me the impression that if Yuuri had chosen him instead of Haruka nothing would have happened.

    Plus he had and Senri with a noble woman like sixteen years Yuuki was two when he had his son, and Rido was not again happy with this, he went to take revenge and to take and the second child as well.

    Why couldn't he be satisfied with anything? He gives me the impression that nothing was enough to him.

    I do not think that he has regret it- the only thing he may have regret is for permitting Yuuri to marry Haruka and not kidnapping her at the ceremony. LOL he was late....

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    Pureblood Vampire
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    Re: Rido's feelings?

    Post by Akaruisama on Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:17 pm

    I thought maybe Rido became a monster because his unhappy love for Yuuri? He loved her many years and he desired her blood but she chose Haruka at the end. And why Yuuri want to live in the area without any vampires so much? Maybe she was running away from his one-sides love? He was never so strong like Kaname and long desire for her blood made Rido fall into bloodlust and madness? He couldn't act very wrong in the presence of them, because they still trusted him after Kaname's birth.

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    Re: Rido's feelings?

    Post by Dragonsrose15 on Sat Aug 18, 2012 5:45 am

    I believe Rido truly did come to hate Juuri and Haruka, because they took away his happiness. Nothing would of made him happier than being with Juuri, but Haruka swiped her from him, even though Juuri in reality belonged to Rido, the first born child.

    I don't see him having any remorse, because he was a character that became full of blood lust and revenge for what Haruka and Juuri did to him. His hatred for Haruka was legit, because Haruka did him wrong by taking away the woman that he loved and officially was supposed to belong to him. I'm sure Rido felt very hurt, but instead of lingering in sadness, he became obsessed with revenge and continued on from there.

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    Re: Rido's feelings?

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