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    Rido's plan

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    Rido's plan

    Post by Administration Team on Thu May 13, 2010 3:34 pm

    I have an idea about Rido. In vol. 8, when Rido goes to get Yuuki he says "It would be nice if you became my sacrifice". He certainly did not need her as bride so what is this sacrifice that he refers to? We also know about one more sacrifice, when Rido sacrifices baby Kaname to woke up from his slumber the ancestor. So if we just base on that fact we can safely assume that Rido wanted Yuuki to sacrifice for awakening another pureblood (since only purebloods live so long in order to feel the need to go in slumber).
    It does not have to be an ancestor though, now with the latest chapters we have seen Isaya awakening from his slumber after sleeping for many years slumber and Hanadagi familly whose members are in slumber for 500 years and they have another 400 years to go. So putting all these stuff together I ended up to the conclusion that Rido
    awaken the ancestor first in order to take control of him, since he was the strongest beast, as Rido said, and then he wanted to proceed doing the same with the other purebloods that were in a slumber (now the guardians would not be so much problem for Rido and Kaname). In that way Rido could have built an army of purebloods but Rido himself was controlled by the council. The council as we know manipulated purebloods and Rido was playing along. So maybe that could have been his plan that served both his purposes for an overall vampire power but the council's plans as well?
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    Re: Rido's plan

    Post by caela on Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:18 am

    Wow, Rido:

    I would have to dig up the page where Ichijo said that despite the age difference, that Ichijo thought Rido to be immature (compared to Ichijo) and easy to control, unlike Kaname.

    When I read the baby Kaname murder scene, my impression was that killing the baby was kind of casual and not planned out. On the spur of the moment, Rido decided to revive the ancestor with the baby, with power grabbing being his motivation. It would be sweet to have an ancestor as your blood bond slave.

    If power continued to be his motivation, then the first attack on the Kuran family eleven years ago would have been different. Rido would have drank Haruka's and Juuri's blood and tried to get Kaname's blood as well.

    Rido was aiming for 6 year-old Yuuki: obviously there is something about Yuuki that makes her more valuable than her parents. Since Rido doesn't seem too interested in Juuri's or Haruka's blood, I'm guessing that this attack on the Kurans was on someone else's orders and not something Rido would get involved in normally.

    Ten years later, Rido attacks again, and again, Rido wants Yuuki. Rido does not go after the stronger pureblood of the two available (Kaname is even more vulnerable due to the blood bond) but instead goes after Yuuki. I think the same analysis I gave the first attack applies to this second one. Somebody else is ordering Rido to do this.

    I guess the benefit to Rido would be some unknown reward that the guy giving the orders promised. Head of the Kuran family?

    Rido seemed to have lost his will to fight towards the end of fight with Zero and Yuuki in chapter 42-43. I wonder if it had anything to do with him just now being romantically interested in Yuuki, who is the mission objective. Even if Rido had won the fight, he would have to hand Yuuki over to his boss. I don't think that's the result that Rido wanted. If I had any pity for the guy, I would say, "poor Rido."

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