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We and the Youtube


would you like to read a sequel of vk?or is hino thinking of writing one?
59% 59% [ 24 ]
27% 27% [ 11 ]
15% 15% [ 6 ]

Total Votes : 41


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    Vampire Knight Drama CDs

    Post by Administration Team on Sat May 15, 2010 12:24 am

    Vampire Knight Drama Cds are occasionaly released either with a issue of LaLa or are released only via mail order. All Drama Cds were created with the original japanese actors' voices. The Cds usually feature funny stories that are intended to fill in the story but far more in a comical attitude (like a voiced bonus chapter). Unfortunately until now none of the Cds have been translated in the english language. There have been certain translations and summaries made throughout the internet.

    List of the Drama cds released by far:

    Via Lala:

    1. Lala Kirameki Drama CD
    2. Lala Gorgeous Drama CD
    3. Lala Treasure Drama CD
    4. Lala Premium Drama CD
    5. Lala Excellent Drama CD
    6. Lala Double Premia Drama CD

    Via order:

    7. Midnight CD Pack
    8. Moonlight CD Pack
    9. Vampire Knight Good Night CD ver. Zero
    10. Vampire Knight Good Night CD ver. Kaname
    11. Vampire Knight Cross Academy Broadcasting Club Un-aired Collection
    12. Pureblood Drama CD

    A source that may provide you with the more overall collection of the cds and there you have the chance to read certain summaries and translations but also to hear in japanese most of the tracks is:


    We will keep updating the list according to releases

    *Please always remember to buy the original VK products when they become available to your country.

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