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Terry Candy

    Yuuki's part in VK

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    Yuuki's part in VK

    Post by Akaruisama on Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:09 pm

    We are talking a lot about Kaname's acting, powers and plans as much as about Zero's vampire side, and power's growth. I start to thinking do we forgot about Yuuki? Maybe Hino develops plot to force Yuuki to act. Can she be a active person who realizes her own plans? I think it can be a moment when Yuuki is grown enough to think on her own, not only follow someone's else.
    I hope she will began to taking desicisions reasnably and won't depend on others. She is one of purebloods, she should help Kaname to create new world. Now it is possible, because he is not longer on her side.
    I don't want to see her waiting now Zero's help, but trying to achieve her own goals. What do you think abot it?

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    Re: Yuuki's part in VK

    Post by BloodSunset on Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:11 am

    She has matured to the point where I can foresee her becoming what true Pureblood Princess should be. She has stood up to Kaname as an equal, and has acted maturely in the situation so far-not only showing her devotion to her fiancee but showing she knows there is a reason. With Kaname leaving to fulfill his plans (hopefully returning after) she now has a time to grow more on her own as she has to be the pureblood in charge right now. She has to "spread her wings and fly" becoming her own person. I don't think she will simply allow herself to be in the Hunters Association for safekeeping. She has a fire to follow Kaname, and I think with her passion and grown maturity she will accomplish it.
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    Re: Yuuki's part in VK

    Post by juliet on Tue Feb 01, 2011 2:01 pm

    Good post I wanted to make the same question, eventually since the last chapter, where we see a Yuuki much more determined with her "wants" than before.

    Yuuki's character has developped much more since Cross Academy, in a slow pace of course but since then many things have changed around her. We slowly see her adopting to the changes of herself and of society around her.

    I believe that she had been a naive character (like her decision to take Artemis and stand infront of the purebloods-demonstrating to them her power) was both provocative (due her power over theirs) and also dangerous (she was hurt out of the blue and it could have been worst).

    So there Yuuki takes her first lesson I think... about how cautious she must be with herself and others (since Aidou got in a lot of trouble and he could have been also injured or even killed.

    So that incident becomes the first self-experience that Yuuki has of her new self and society.

    So Hino here prepares the way for Yuuki's independece because seeing her out th blue becoming a well dynamic character with no experiences and mistakes before would be curious. Yuuki had been protected all of her life.

    Now she has learn something new-the dangers, at least she got a taste and that can help her develop even more.

    Also another part that Hino exhibited not just to us but to Yuuki also (and it was done for Yuuki's sake) was Kaname's past. So she also learned a few things about the conditions of the vampire world- then and now and the hunters. So she has knowledge, as they say "the greatest power is knowledge"...LOL

    So after all of these, I think that Hino creates in us the expectation to finally see a far more independed but also grounded to the earth Yuuki.

    Her arrest from the hunters may also have that use as well: Yuuki breaking free, one way or another, taking her own decisions and make her own path, despite Kaname's or kaien's wishes to keep her in safety.

    At the current chapters Yuuki's rebellion and maturity can be really handy...


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    Re: Yuuki's part in VK

    Post by Matthewop on Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:55 am

    really good post.. thanks!!

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    Re: Yuuki's part in VK

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