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Terry Candy

    Vampire Knight 71 small summary posted on LJ

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    Vampire Knight 71 small summary posted on LJ

    Post by juliet on Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:22 pm

    Just a quick visit to let you know (in case you don't lol) that a small summary was posted by Yukihime (I hope that the name is correct) through her LJ ....[url=HERE][/url]the link to it or press spoiler...

    *We have the opening/commencement of the night class.

    *Yuuki established a rule/condition that members of the night class should not hurt human in any way. Those who will break the rule will be taken care of (by Yuuki, of course).

    *We have Zero standing guard at the gates/doors, watching as the commencement pushes forward, just like before, he acts as a guardian to foresee everything is in order (in short, he's making sure nobody's misbehaving in the night class).

    *Yuuki and Zero talk about how their views (about vampire/human coexistence being possible) are very different ever since before. (Reminiscing the past, are we?)

    *We also have a scene of Yuuki thinking about Zero's condition (of him falling to a Level E). I have no idea what brought this situation but perhaps she notices the huge amount of tablets Zero is taking?

    *Yori wanted to go and see Yuuki but Zero stopped her. (He probably doesn't want Yuuki to be distracted and wanted her to focus on her goals? OR probably he doesn't trust Yuuki and just wanted Yori safe... yeah, right. *sarcasm*)

    *Yuuki is showing signs that she is starting to get thirsty. (Sneaky sneaky, Hino-sensei... Is she hinting an upcoming drinking session between Yuuki and...... Aidou? DUH! Of course, it's with Zero. <_< Unless Kaname comes back in time?)

    *The next day, we see Yuuki all geared up for school in her freshly ordered WHITE night class uniform~! *__* I WANNA SEE!!!! (I know we got that picture when she had short hair but now that she's sporting loooong hair, I wanna see!!)

    *Speaking of Kaname, we have him appearing this time, talking to some pureblood vampires (not sure if plural, may be just one vampire). Since there's blood in the scenario (the chest of the pureblood is drenched in blood), it seems plausible that he took his/her heart and ate it? (Caution: just an assumption so far)

    *We see Sara visiting the Hunter's Association's doorstep. She is asking to be let in so that she can talk to Yuuki. Using the possibility of Kaname killing her as an excuse, she reasoned out that the hunters and Yuuki might be able to save/help her out and expressed her intention to join the night class! DUN DUN DUN!!!

    *Last scene: (I think.) We have Yuuki, Kaito and Zero all together for some reason. Zero is looking at Yuuki silently with an air of anxiety looming over them. I have no idea why.... Maybe when the scans out we'll get it? Kaito asks Zero what's the matter with him and Zero just answers him nonchalantly with one word. 「なんでもない。」("Nothing.")

    All right!!!!!!!!!! Now I know it's kinda pointless since there's no scans to show but I thought some people might find it helpful (or at least informative?) to make the wait a bit more tolerable. Pretty sure scans will be out today or tomorrow... hopefully. >_<

    sLo_BigBearHug Thank you for the news and yes there is going to be Kaname sSig_busted

    Hope for scans later on.... :[url=http://ww

    I' ll show you a sweet dream next time
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    Re: Vampire Knight 71 small summary posted on LJ

    Post by nina on Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:30 pm

    AAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!! Thanks juli!!!!! From last night I'm trying to find any news!

    Thanks everybody from LJ!!! bouncing bouncing bouncing bouncing bouncing bouncing bouncing bouncing bouncing bouncing

    I'm off ... :study:

    "... I want to fall down with you to the very farthest depths ... taint me too Kaname"


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    Re: Vampire Knight 71 small summary posted on LJ

    Post by rumland on Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:51 pm

    guys dont get your hops up to much with out the raws out, there is always a chance this is a fake, and some parts do seem a little weird plus it seems a li9ttle early for spoilers.

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    Re: Vampire Knight 71 small summary posted on LJ

    Post by Rose on Fri Apr 22, 2011 7:27 pm

    sLo_BigBearHug sLo_Iloveyou
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    Re: Vampire Knight 71 small summary posted on LJ

    Post by libra on Sun Apr 24, 2011 10:09 am

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    Re: Vampire Knight 71 small summary posted on LJ

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