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Terry Candy

    Kaname*s lovers....!?whe know about 2,but who is the mother of Kuran clan ???



    is yuuki really reincarnation of herself from past??

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    Kaname*s lovers....!?whe know about 2,but who is the mother of Kuran clan ???

    Post by Rose on Fri May 13, 2011 8:34 pm

    First topic message reminder :

    • We have seen that Kaname loved hooted women and now Yuki,but with who did he started the clan??
      Is she still alive,was it love or just desire..
      What do you think about Kanames past?
      Would he be in love with Yuki if she didn't "fall trough time" and met Kaname??

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    Re: Kaname*s lovers....!?whe know about 2,but who is the mother of Kuran clan ???

    Post by mariangie on Wed Oct 03, 2012 10:30 am

    Yuuki had allowed Kaname to call her without honorifics most of the time . But not viceversa . He even was kind of surprised to be called Kaname - sama by Yuuki when he met her for her 7th birthday . Kaname ( without honorifics )was Yuuki's first word as a human . Readers and Kaname had to wait for the second arc during the ball for the second tine Yuuki addressing Kaname without any honorific .

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    Re: Kaname*s lovers....!?whe know about 2,but who is the mother of Kuran clan ???

    Post by SecretWhiteRose on Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:04 am

    mariangie wrote:It's impossible for HW being reincarnated in anybody . Because there is no evidence in the plot that her soul was divided in half . One to make the mother anti - vampire metal furnace works and a second who continues in the reincarnation circle .

    Every time an anti - vampire weapon was created . A little of her soul was imbuded inside that weapon . With her desire to kill pureblods and seek blood . Pieces she reclaimed at chapter 85 , before her real death ( when she stattered in pieces ) .

    Zero indeed has inherited genes from HW . The original vampire hunters who survive devouring and drinking her blood , assimilated her genes to turn them in more powerfull humans . With some characters more common to vampires , as faster healing and quickier reflexes . Zero is descendant of these original vampire hunters . Making him a person who already shared a lot of these genes passed by HW to the hunters .

    This makes Zero kind of a long , long , long descendant of HW ( and maybe a long , long , long relative of Yuuki as well ) .

    A little detail :

    There are 2 reasons to skip honorifics in Japanese .

    1- The speaker has the permit to address the person in a very intimate way . ( Ex. a spouse , lover , best friend )

    2- As an insult .

    A problem with translations is some times the honorifics are not translated . As happens in the official Shojo Beat version of V. K .Where they skipped a lot of honorifics .

    Huge parts of the plot made Yuuki call Kaname with an honorific . Mostly --sama , - sempai and Oni- sama . And what happened as a very important event in V. K. was Yuuki starting to call Kaname without any honorific .

    The same for Kaname and Zero . Most of time Kaname calls Zero as Kiryu - kun or Kiryu - san or Zero - san . It's rare for Kaname to not use honorifics with Zero . He indeeds skip them with Yuuki sometimes as he values her and she allowed him . But Zero has indeed called Kaname without honorifics to insult Kaname .

    1.The divided soul is theory,along with a other theory that the twins curse is the backlash curse for consuming a pureblood.The Hooded woman might have a had Twin sibling that was human,As to why Kaname was eager to get Zero into his plans,when he learnd of the the hunter twins.
    the twins curse might be a way for zero becoming a pureblood.A rebound curse on the hunters clan for consuming a pureblood,now taking effect thousends years later.Zero would be the memo left from the time his ancestors comsumed the Hooded woman,a reminder for there actions.
    The other possible way was also the heart of the hooded woman,which remaind in the weapons where collected would bond with zero,a other way to bring a pureblood back.
    Nothing is impossible.I feel Hino is building the climax before she shows the hooded woman past,by giving us little about her,only smal glimps of her make the ending more i didn't see that happening.

    From last read,The hooded was not dead,she just cooled down,taking back most of the hunter weapons to cool down herself,if she was dead the Bloody rose,Artemis,cross sword would have been destroyed aswell. It's true she shattered meaning her death also,

    last i checked reading was that Zero bloody rose is still on him,a fragment of the hooded woman soul/heart still left in the weapon along with the other two weapons remaing from her.

    if she did indeed passed on they should have been destroyed along with her,its curious these three weapons which hold her heart still remain,Intresting because they match in number to the three main characters.

    2.yes I'm aware of zero being possible descendant to the hooded woman,if she had a human twin or family like uncle/unt etc who joined the hunters clan to fight the bad vampires.we never see Zero parents face.But from what can see with Zero parents they carry strong resemblence to the hooded woman. just like Kein cross.

    3.Thank you for clearing that up,didn't know that.I can understand now why zero would not use honorifics for kaname,as to insult him. Since Kaname has been nothing but awfull towards Zero even though he remains polite when they talk together.
    In chapter 30 Kaname used Zero name without honorficis,when telling zero he could use his blood insted of Yuuki,Also when Zero took Sara Blood Kaname did it again,and seemed annoyed at zero for taking sara blood..and saying zero name only without honorifics

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    Re: Kaname*s lovers....!?whe know about 2,but who is the mother of Kuran clan ???

    Post by kanachanimmortal on Mon Oct 15, 2012 3:22 pm

    if yuuki is reincarnation of his past wife,this totally counterfeits zeki thats why i think this may not be true.otherwise yuuki and zero won't share such deep bond then. scratch
    and also why she couldn't remind her past with kaname.i think kaname felt in love with his premonition and when he met yuuki in future he fell in love with her.that is the story of this i guess.but i don't understand why hino is not revealing his past wife name. scratch

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    Re: Kaname*s lovers....!?whe know about 2,but who is the mother of Kuran clan ???

    Post by Sponsored content

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