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    Character Name Meanings

    Rima echo

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    Character Name Meanings

    Post by Rima echo on Sat Jan 12, 2013 2:32 am

    I found out some cool input on the characters' name meanings from Vampire Knight and wanted to post them here.

    Yuki: snow and tender,kind princess
    Snow: growth of self - how Yuki has grown and developed
    Yuki is also told by Kaname to be very warm-hearted, hence tender princess.

    Kaname: hinge or door Kuran: 9 orchids
    door: emotionally protective, the door to the past and present - Haruka said Kaname is like him where he hides his feelings.
    9: end of cycle or start of something new, wishes fulfilled, embrace a big part of life, let go or submit
    orchids: mature charm, rare beauty, royalty

    Zero Kiryu: drill and life
    drill: moving toward greater insight which improves your emotional outlook

    Hanabusa: petals of a flower
    Aido: indigo temple
    petals: innocence or youth, maturity blooming
    indigo temple: inner vision, deep beliefs, looking for inner peace

    Akatsuki: base Kain: dawn
    base: building with high fences~i.e. academy, impassible, obstacles in life, observe things from high places
    dawn: new beginning, rebirth of self, begin to be understood

    Ruka: lapis lazuli and beautiful
    Souen: early , strong fragrance and garden
    lapis lazuli: love forever faithful, truth, healing of self, wisdom
    strong fragrance: strong love
    garden: paradise, soul, innocence, happiness, salvation, purity, creates peace between people

    Takuma: to cultivate and hemp/flax
    cultivate: improve or prepare (for crops)
    Ichijo: ray or streak
    hemp: greet future
    flax: linen~burial cloth, medicine, purity
    ray: life, self, strength, divine rejuvenator~restore to new state

    Yagari Toga: night and to harvest
    Toga: ten fangs
    harvest: harvest moon
    ten: new beginning, self respect for all, ego

    Nagamachi Aido(Aido's father)
    Nagamichi: halfway

    Asato or Ichio Ichijo(Takuma's grandfather)
    Asato: far off
    Ichio: one and old man
    one: reason, communicate, examine your views and others as well

    Maria Kurenai: asia~a
    Maria: love, beloved
    Kurenai: crimson, shed blood, sad, lonely, triumphal entry

    Senri: 1000 ri or 2.44 miles
    Shiki: to support and mallow
    1000: immortality of happiness
    mallow:plant with pink and white blossoms, gentle love for one's roots

    Sayori: sand and trust Wakaba: young leaves
    sand: your spiritual approach to life
    young leaves: happy

    Seiren: star , refine or smelt, and purgatory
    star: dreams and aspirations
    refine: purify, melting seperation of metals
    purgatory: place after death souls may go to be purified, sins forgiven, end of guilt

    Rima: jasmine and enhance by polishing
    Toya: far-fetching arrow
    jasmine: selfless, modesty, a promise
    far-fetching arrow: swift and powerful thoughts, solving heart of matter

    Ichiru: one and thread Kiryu
    one: one is all and all is one, reason
    thread: connected, joining

    Shizuka: calm and quiet Hio: scarlet cherry blossoms
    Kuruizaki-hime: flowers blooming out of season and princess
    scarlet cherry blossoms: don't get too attached, life transitions shortly

    Sara: renew Shirabuki: white butterbur
    white butterbur: unpleasant aroma, flower that blooms before spring

    Kaien: ashes and village gate Cross: black master
    ashes: humility, sacrifice, devotion to show sorrow for sins, Enma~ruler of the Underworld who judges the dead, purgatory or hell, rebirth
    village gate: protect or guard
    black: total self defense, repent sins, crucifixion remembered

    Rido: plum and earth Kuran
    plum: strength through winter, hope for renewal of life in general
    earth: insight

    Haruka: distant/remote Kuran
    remote: feelings distant

    Juri: 1000 ri or 2.44 miles and tree Kuran
    1000: immortality of happiness
    tree: memories that connect us to our true selves

    Kaito: sea and to measure/grid
    Takamiya: hawk and shrine
    sea: person's desires, guilt removed
    hawk: watchful eye
    shrine: searching for inner peace

    Isaya: to rely on and sand
    Shoto: siberian iris and wisteria
    sand: emphasis, duality of love, victory over hardship, longevity, memory
    siberian iris: eloquence, messenger of love, wisdom, compliment, warning against overpassionate love
    wisteria: beginning, spring, humility, reflection, need for peace, steadfast

    Vampire Knight
    Vampire Knight

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    Re: Character Name Meanings

    Post by nina on Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:22 pm

    Very interesting info! Thank you for sharing. \o/

    Seems like Hino gave some thought over the names… like she didn’t pick them randomly, and not only for the main characters.

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    Common Vampire
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    Re: Character Name Meanings

    Post by Saphira_K on Sat Jan 12, 2013 11:04 pm

    i agree ^^ this was not random names because she liked them or something. even to the names, she gives thought and detail; a window to the character.

    this was really interesting. thank for sharing CandyRoxy cheers

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    Re: Character Name Meanings

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