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    Who do you think Yuki loves more: Kaname or Zero?


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    Who do you think Yuki loves more: Kaname or Zero?

    Post by cleone on Thu May 27, 2010 7:52 pm

    First topic message reminder :

    I have been wondering who yuki loves more.
    Yuki's feelings for Kaname: a real love or a brotherly love?
    Yuki's feelings for Zero: a real love or just a pure sympathy?

    Though Im already decided on who yuki loves more, I still want to hear your opinions.

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    Re: Who do you think Yuki loves more: Kaname or Zero?

    Post by kanachanimmortal on Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:49 am

    juliet wrote:
    mariangie wrote:I wanted a happy Yume end . Too hopeful for my part . Instead I get a " Zeki by default " end and a Yume " star - crossed lovers " tragic and romantic.  ( in the literary sense . Ex . Dracula love story ) . The  " Pureblood Bloody Love " tale of love , tears , blood and darkness Yuuki and Kaname lived .

    Hino intended to give us that Yuuki loved both men . In her own different way . One as the storm , passionate , desire and tormented love who could only give her darkness . One tranquil and normal love who could keep her in the light .

    Yuuki's life purpose at the end become : to make Zero happy in life and Kaname happy on death .

    After thinking more , now I see why we got so little about the Zeki final couple end . This will sound kind of strange . But here I try to explain .

    The love story Hino intended to narrate during her whole plot was Yuuki and Kaname' tragic vampic love story . How Kaname become her world . Her alpha and her omega . Her beginning and her end . How Kaname sacrificed himself for her lover to allow her to be happy . How Yuuki sacrificed herself to make Kaname happy . How they loved so much each other . But could only be happy together for a very brief part of their existence . How Kaname saved Yuuki at the start of the story and how Yuuki saved Kaname at the end of the story . How their love transcend time after being separated for a whole thousand years .

    Anything else was secondary plot . Including Zero part in the LT .

    What Yuuki really was narrating to Yori was how she discovered love . How she believed that love was out of her reach . How she discovered she was reciprocated . When she though her happiness with that man was at her grasp . How she discovered that man committed sins  for her sake . How   the man left her because he feared to hurt her by his actions . How she spend following this man to try to make him return to her . How he hide and hurt her to try to kept her out of his life . Due to his desire to see her happy as human and die to atone for his sins . How she discovered his lies . How she forgive him . How she ended wanting to die to save him . How she give her body and soul to him as her farewell before she believed she will die for him . How he accepted her love with a night of pure passion and sex as his farewell before his ultimate sacrifice for her and humanity . How she ended failing to all her promises to be his equal , save him and protect him . How he end sacrificing himself and let her in the care of the other man he knew loved her as much as him . How the girl mourn him and accept to fulfill the wish of her lover to be happy with the other man who loved her . And at last , how the girl , now an older woman choose  to die by giving her own heart ( literary ) and her soul ( the butterfly light guide ) to give the man she loved the most the happiness he never had and she did in the past . As her last way to tell him he was the one who matters the most in her life . Even if they only share a brief time physically together . They always will spend their hearts and souls together .

    This is the reason we got almost none information about the Zeki pair end . After Kaname dying . Yuuki accepting to follow Kaname last wish for her ; there wasn't too much to tell to complete the Yume love story . Except how she ended her life to save him .

    How Yuuki and Zero lived after Yuuki's tragic lover died for her is another story . It wasn't supposed to be part of the main VK plot . A story that Hino didn't planned to give us . ( A Zeki love story bonus would be nice , but improbable . ) Because it wasn't part of the narrative of the Yume tragic love story . This is why we only get that minimal information about Yuuki achieved happiness with Zero during their years together . Because the only real information we needed to know was that Zeki pair fulfill Kaname's last final wish . And the insinuation that Yuuki did got pregnant from Yume last night together and had a daughter product of their love .

    Yes , I know I got to be thrown with everything , sinks and all . Because what I'm saying is Zero and Zeki were second fiddle to the Yume tragic Pureblood Bloody Love vampiric romantic tale . Because the story only told us the Zeki love parts which were relevant to the main Yume love story . The ones which affected how she and Kaname interacted with each other .

    This crazy rant is not saying Yuuki never love Zero ( she did in her own way  ) . Not is saying Zero wasn't important to Yuuki ( He was . After  all , they marry and spend most of their lives together . Had a family and loved each other . Got as happy as they could . ) Only that the main purpose of Vampire Knight story was to tell Yume love story , not the Zeki love one . That's why the lack of data about how Zero and Yuuki spend their life together .

    Why the story ended with a " Zeki by default " end ?

    Because Yuuki would never choose to go to Zero if Kaname was alive . Nor Yuuki would accept becoming Zero's mate unless Kaname wished and bless Yuuki and Zero to be together as they both live in light , Because no matter how terrible and toxic Kaname and Yuuki's love was , Yuuki alone would never wanted to let go off from Kaname's side . Because he was his most important and loved person in the world . No matter what crazy stuff Kaname did to her . Because the one who truly chose for Yuuki was Kaname . He sacrificed himself as the way to make sure he was out of Yuuki's options for mate . Because Yuuki's only options were to be alone for eternity ( her greatest fear ) or fulfill Kaname's last wish and try to love and be happy with Zero . Yuuki did needed someone to cry her shoulder on and care for her . To prevent loneliness as happened when HW sacrificed herself and let Kaname alone in the world . After all , even if Yuuki considered her feelings for Zero were mostly friendship , she could  learn to reciprocate Zero's love for her as her way to make him happy . But only if she knew there was no way for her to get Kaname to her side alive .

    Great post, I think it summarizes everything about VK that I wanted to tell and share, especially the bold part but always felt so lazy and perhaps drawn back to say.

    And this also summarizes a tragic love where the one was supposed to die and sacrifice about the other's happiness in order for them to reach the light and get out of the dark forest.

    At least as how Hino pictures it and as I perceive it; but still in my mind at least you have to live with the paradox; how a man is the end and the start of your world, but still not to be able to live happily ever after by his side? - this is common logic, but not Hino's logic, as she follows another path, presenting happiness and love to be two different things after all, where sometimes one has to sacrifice his personal happiness and feelings to offer to another one salvation.

    Kaname did it for Yuuki / Yuuki did it for Kaname

    The overall taste that she left me was that since they all got out to the light at the end, it simple could not be any other way. Kaname's salvation was away of that despair and bloody society, and free of his tragic memories, otherwise he could not go on.

    Yuuki's salvation was the light, carefree human world where she could still live happy moments next to Zero who also loved.

    It was only through that unbreakable and eternal love she had for Kaname that she could offer  him such a future. And this summarizes also their tragic love that offered to both of the light with their separate but for the same cause sacrifices.  

    So yes, this is also my impression of Hino's plot there, no matter how she develops it or which meanings she fails to convey example co-existence, bla...bla...and her inconsistencies, but I have already stated my opinion about this.

    i don't agree:blah: , yes they loved it so much and sacrificed their happiness for the light and blah. .BUT... the main point is the theme of the plot was not clear, it was never,sFun_crazybat  every chapter felt like a new one:crazy2: . A plot of such a famous manga should be organic and well knitted and the tragedy should impact the readers in good way. Without an organic explanation, this love thing and tragedy came out laughable. 


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    My opinion...eep

    Post by blood-girl on Fri Sep 12, 2014 7:05 pm

    I think it depends on how you look at it. I think that the brotherly love extends to Zero, more than Kaname. Yuki often does whatever she can to protect Zero, and she also scolds him, and things like that. When she's around Kaname, that disappears. She gets giggly, short of breath, she blushes, all that stuff. I think Kaname holds more of her attraction. She loves Zero like one would a best friend or brother, and she loves Kaname like she would a crush, or a partner. There's no doubt whatsoever that she loves both of them, because it's obvious. I don't know, that's just my opinion, (I know it's weird.) So, yeah....

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    Re: Who do you think Yuki loves more: Kaname or Zero?

    Post by aisan4494 on Fri May 01, 2015 7:09 pm

    I agree with blood-girl, Zero is more like a brother to Yuuki, plus Yuuki never loved him as much as she claimed she loved Kaname (which she did, they were showing it to us) but still, they are really like brother-sister more than Kaname with Yuuki. Let's do not put aside that for both Yuuki and Zero, they were raised together, as humans, so they think of eachother more like family than a romance relationship, and to be honest, if Kaname hasn't said that he wanted them together, I don't think that both of them would feel okay to be together. Maybe the reason they had a son together was to honour Kaname's wish. Of course, that is only an idea, nothing less or more. I am a YUME fan and a huge Zero fan (I wanted him with Maria <3) and I don't ZEKI fans.

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    Re: Who do you think Yuki loves more: Kaname or Zero?

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