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We and the Youtube


would you like to read a sequel of vk?or is hino thinking of writing one?
59% 59% [ 24 ]
27% 27% [ 11 ]
15% 15% [ 6 ]

Total Votes : 41


Terry Candy

    Want to change or alter?

    The Chrysalis Whispers
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    Vampire Noble Class

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    Want to change or alter?

    Post by The Chrysalis Whispers on Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:30 am

    Hm, so its a really exciting question for me.
    Is there any person or situation in Vk which you want to change or replace?
    I know i want to, a lot of them... Like i want to change Zero's personality a bit and make him a bit less dangerous and lot more expressing.
    🇳🇴 ;)
    No bashing please, but if you do decide on it then don't you dare leave me out!
    What i want to know is that do you want to change the decisions made by the characters?
    Yuki's awakening? Its time?
    Kaname not being the ancestor?
    Wanna change anything?
    Pureblood Vampire
    Pureblood Vampire

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    Re: Want to change or alter?

    Post by Akaruisama on Sat Nov 20, 2010 12:42 pm

    I would change a bit chapters after killing Rido. The plot go on too slow for me and it looks like Hino has not decided about what happens yet.
    Vampire Knight
    Vampire Knight

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    Re: Want to change or alter?

    Post by juliet on Sat Nov 20, 2010 12:57 pm

    Akaruisama wrote:I would change a bit chapters after killing Rido. The plot go on too slow for me and it looks like Hino has not decided about what happens yet.

    She had said that she had planned two parts for her story, now we are in the second part I guess, but it's hard to believe that she does not know what she is doing, it would be dangerous for her story not to have make up her mind about how things will turn out. I think she has decided on everything, she is just dragging the story (perhaps VK is so popular and she wants to expand the chapters so she delays it with more angst-romance chapters)...

    Yuuki's undecisive nature was irritating me until now...I would change that and make her more determined about her choises and the path she had chosen. I think I would gave her a more dynamic nature (after one year of being with Kaname and a pureblood she is acting rather slow). If you come to think about it that's what mostly delays the plot...Yuuki's maturity and development....

    I think that Kaname would not have gone that far showing to her his ancestor past, if Yuuki had been more mature and certain about him, he would just tell her as a part of a discussion simplifying things like he did to Takuma and Ichiro. He went through all that angst part where he believed that she would leave him because from Yuuki's part the field was not so clear about their relationship. But shouldn't it be after a year? That's the part that bothered me in the plot so far...but I guess Hino might have her own reasons to go into that part in such a dramatic and slow way...Mysteries again?

    I' ll show you a sweet dream next time

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    Re: Want to change or alter?

    Post by Sponsored content

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