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    Vampire Knight Chapter 69 Raws Complete

    Vampire Knight
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    Vampire Knight Chapter 69 Raws Complete

    Post by juliet on Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:44 pm

    First topic message reminder :

    Vampire Knight Chapter 69 Complete Raws


    You have to download, unzip and enjoy... cheers cheers cheers

    provided by Daria in LJ Thank You sLo_BigBearHug sLo_BigBearHug sLo_BigBearHug sLo_BigBearHug sLo_BigBearHug

    Oh sLo_BigBearHug thanks in LJ they posted one summary and one translation;

    1. Nana Kramer, thank you, press the spoiler to read

    Okay, so here's the summary:

    First pages: Yuuki says that when she was a human, she could not sense it, but the hunter's association headquarters has "that woman's" presence in the air (the hooded woman from Kaname's past. Remember that some chapters ago was said that the oven with the metal that bears that woman's heart is in those headquarters). She enters the building and crosses with Kaito and Zero. Zero tells Kaien that they're leaving on an emergency mission because there's a troublesome vampire somewhere near.
    Next scene: Maria Kurenai seems to be at their parent's home. She tells them that she heard the conversation from some noble vampires as she was looking at them through the eyes of a bird (we saw before that she could do it, when she saw Kaname killing somebody... can't remember who, though). The nobles are saying that they fear that Kaname has become a troublesome vampire, comparing him to Rido. Izaya (the pureblood vampire) receives a letter with the news about Kaname, and he feels sorry that the pureblood's reputation is being tainted again.
    Back to Yuuki, some hunters are talking about her (that she looks pretty normal for being a pureblood) while she answers Kaien's interrogatory. He asks her if she knew about Kaname's plans, and she says she doesn't. He then asks Yuuki what does she think about Kaname's actions or they reasons. She says that the only thing she knows for sure is that he had the intention to live by her side. In all the other things, she would have no way but to make speculations, as she doesn't know anything. Kaien says then "Well, we have no choice but to ask him directly". Yuuki offers then to go and search for him to ask him about all this. Kaien responds "don't interfere" using a word that means somehow "don't get in our way", more or less. He then asks her if she knows about their agreement with Kaname. She mentions them the no-aggression agreement the vampires have with the hunters: The vampires don't attack humans, the hunters then don't attack the vampires. Also, vampires have to collaborate with the hunters when a problem arises.
    Then is when Kaien tells her that Kaname had a promise to keep with the hunters as a Kuran member. Then Yuuki, as a Kuran too, has now that obligation. He tells her as well that Kaname's disappearance will cause probably some purebloods to rise trying to get the power, and also the random vampires are going wild, just like when the council was destroyed. He says that they have to "take measures" quickly. He allows Yuuki to walk free inside the headquarters, but not to go outside.
    The scene switches to Zero. Kaito just says "Zero, over there!" and he answers "I know". Our beloved Zero has never been too chatty, we all know.
    Yuuki and Aidou. She tells him that he's allowed to leave and go home, but he insists to stay, as he promised Kaname to take care of her. Yuuki tells him that she'll catch Kaname and ask him his reasons.
    Kaito arrives with the girl. Her feelings have been blocked by the influence of a vampire (maybe they ability to hypnotize?) and she's like a lifeless doll. When Yuuki touches her (while the hunters threaten her asking her not to get close to the child), she "absorbs" her spell and sees through her memories Zero trying to catch the vampire and failing at it. When she tries to mention it to Kaito, he answers "I can't tell you anything about him or this matter. He'd crush me if I'd do it".
    Switch to Kaien's office. He's super-dramatizing about the way he's forced to treat Yuuki. He moans "She hates meeee nooow...!! I'm sure...!!!" And Yagari is just trying to make him turn back to the real world. Yuuki appears and first of all, asks Kaien if there's really no night class anymore, but she changes the subject quick and asks Kaien permission to go out to catch the vampire that ran away from Zero, so she can earn some recognition or respect for who she is and her way of doing things as an individual, not just because of her surname.

    2. Akiko at her livejournal page provided a traslation HERE

    Thank you so much both!!!

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    I' ll show you a sweet dream next time

    Vampire Knight
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    Re: Vampire Knight Chapter 69 Raws Complete

    Post by juliet on Sat Feb 26, 2011 7:37 pm

    @ Nina great remarks Very Happy

    The girl was hypnotized and Aido-dono was also for some seconds to Hanadagi's call. The purebloods have the power to make others obey their the resemblance might not be random...

    It seems that Zero manages to frame the vampire but his glance states that there is something frightful going on there...

    I remember Zero asking a vampire at the beggining of the 2nd arc who is your master, the vampire refused to speak of his master and Zero killed him, so the master is alive (since the vampire does not release information), isn't logical to suspect that Sara might be making an army prior to what we thought?

    I also think that Yuuki sees something that makes her presence there "necessary"...

    It could easily be a Sara's trick to lure Yuuki and then also Kaname by plotting Zero.

    It sounds exciting...
    Run Yuuki run...

    Yuuki's prothesis to stand as a Kuran finally brings Yuuki's significance in the script as she is a last descedant of the Kuran lineage that centuries acted in favor of pacifism. Another point to highlight here about Yuuki's importance to remain hidden in Cross Academy and safe for Rido.

    So her real role now comes into light, to give also hope about the co-existence. Was the ancestor's sacrifice in vain? Was all the wars that decreased the number of purebloods fought over nothing?

    I do not think so. All the scrip points in co-existence direction.

    Also as I was reading official volume 11 Kaname speaks of co-existence in his meeting to the hunters and refers (the translation is officially of the Volumes:

    "And we will send any member of our society who unnecessarily threatens human lives to eternal..slumber as we believe that this is the best way for both societies to live. But the co-existence you've spoken of is a very long way order to achieve it, we must all become rational beings instead of acting on our own fierce animal insticts..."

    So is that all about happening here? I think yes. Another conclusion: bye-bye Sara Razz nice meeting you...

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    Re: Vampire Knight Chapter 69 Raws Complete

    Post by andy-san on Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:07 pm

    Thaaaaaaank you so much for the raws and translations! I have been waiting for this for days!!

    Ok now! poor Hanabussa :flush: he must be going through a very difficult time! I mean his dad died and the person he admired and loved the most was the murdered! It must be interesting to see what hanabusa is going to do if he meets Kaname again! is he going to act as the loyal servant or is he going to confront him? I'm looking forward to that!

    Now Yuuki! sFun_cheerleader2 VIVA GIRL POWER! I love how she is taking care of the situation and acting as an adult! ALthough she has done that before! For example, the first arc! But I also have my suspicions about all this hunting thing... Maybe she wants to meet Zero, because I'm sorry Yume fans but I'm pretty sure she wants to see him! Their story is so inconclusive and I think it is time for them to at least have a serious talk without Zero running away like a girl (I love you Zero but sometimes you can be upsetting).

    Also why Yuuki asked the chairman about the night class? is that some kind of foreshadowing that Hino is throwing there? I hope so! I really can't wait to see Yuuki, the vampires, and Zero in school again!!
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    Re: Vampire Knight Chapter 69 Raws Complete

    Post by mariangie on Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:19 am

    ************ Full English Chapter 69th Scanlation :


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    Re: Vampire Knight Chapter 69 Raws Complete

    Post by libra on Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:53 am

    great mariangie... Thank you very much sFun_cheerleader2
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    Re: Vampire Knight Chapter 69 Raws Complete

    Post by nina on Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:23 pm

    Thank you mariangie!!!! :[url=http://ww :[url=http://ww

    "... I want to fall down with you to the very farthest depths ... taint me too Kaname"


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    Re: Vampire Knight Chapter 69 Raws Complete

    Post by Royal Night on Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:10 pm

    What will happen in next chapter?!
    And where in the world is Kaname? :sSig_what:

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    Re: Vampire Knight Chapter 69 Raws Complete

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