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    essence of true love

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    essence of true love

    Post by kanachanimmortal on Fri Oct 26, 2012 4:20 pm

    hello.i am here with certain views of my own.okay i don't know how japanese people do their love confessions but the way yuuki confessed to zero and kissed him was something which do not connect to previous chapters at all.
    from chapter 1 to chapter 86 we only saw her loving,worrying,cherishing kaname with a hope that zero will become her friend again and they will talk again without any problems.but suddenly in chapter 87 she tried to drink his blood and kissed him.she was watching him with lustful this really justifying.then where is the essence of true love then?if she can erase love feeling for kaname,she can easily do in zero's case.
    is hino really trying to show us a love story?she tagged it as tragic love and pureblooded love story.
    first make us clear who is the canon couple of your story.we don't understand who she feels for.really this was the first time she ever said to zero that she loves him.its totally confusing.
    are we really reading story of true love,where your finacee loves and you go to other guy.then you won't be hurt at all if you kill your fiancee or your new bf devours him or if he dies sacrificing himself.

    baby you can't have both chocolates

    i bet one of them will die in the zero parents were killed by shizuka due to kaname,i guess kaname will be the victim in end.

    but seriously i hope hino atleast will introduce his actual lover who could only love him without any dumbass zero in the story.

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