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Terry Candy

    ZeroYuki Symbolism


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    ZeroYuki Symbolism

    Post by Win-chan on Sat Nov 24, 2012 9:35 am

    I really hope this is in the right place and shouldn't be in the Zeki folder. But... I thought this had to do more with literary analysis than just a Zeki rant.

    Anyway, did anyone else think that the symbolism with Zero and Yuki's relationship at the ball was absolutely beautiful and pulled off extremely well? The whole time I was reading it, I just kept thinking, "Man, this is some good stuff! Hino, you're surprising me! No offense but your manga has been kinda... drooping lately, but this is really good!" I liked how she stuck in the symbolism of Zero kissing her the first time as him saying good bye to the old Yuki. Then, when they saw each other again at the ball and each had their mask on, it was like they were meeting again for the first time and symbolic of a fresh start. It was the perfect way to try to erase the awkwardness of their current relationship and allow both of them to start to relax and get to relearn about one another and get to know each other again.

    I think the fact that Yuki's hair is now short may have something more to do with it, like she's finding herself again. It's similar to how it was at the beginning, but a little different. I think it shows that she's allowing herself to be the girl she was before, but a more matured version. The long hair seemed to symbolize her attempt to be the perfect pureblood fiancee but that wasn't who she was, and when she was with Kaname she wasn't truly herself.

    Anyhoo, there is just some beautiful symbolism from the manga and I wondered what y'all thought of it! I'm extremely tired right now so my writing probably rocks and doesn't make any sense, but whatevs, whatevs. I'm too tired and lazy to try to go through and make it sound better. Razz

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    Post by SsaFloyd on Sun Nov 25, 2012 7:33 am

    I also found the symbolism very refreshing, and I think you're absolutely right. That masquerade allowed Zero and Yuki a chance to try and recover the lost ground of their relationship. And nice observation about the hair! I know that in Japan, that it's very common for women to completely change their hair after they've gone through an ugly break up or something similar. So I do think that Matsuri Hino is hinting at that, giving a chance for the ZeroYuki relationship to grow.

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    Re: ZeroYuki Symbolism

    Post by Win-chan on Sun Nov 25, 2012 7:43 am

    Oh, thank you! And wow! I had no idea about the whole hair thing, but that is an awesome observation. That was probably intentional, then. Especially considering that in stories, people usually don't just drastically change their hair like that unless there is a reason to it. In Naruto, Sakura cuts her hair to show that she is going to try to be a stronger kunoichi and begin taking her work seriously. In Skip Beat, Kyoko cuts her hair after breaking up with Sho to show that she's a new woman. In Mulan, when she cuts her hair it's a big deal because she's showing her strength and how she's going to be a MAN! It may sound silly, but really, what's the point of having these drastic hair changes if there isn't something deeper behind it? I mean, having the hair grow out a little to show passing time is one thing, but when Yuki cuts her hair with her scythe, that is obviously for dramatic effect and probably has a deeper meaning showing how she is getting over Kaname. Just sayin'!
    Rima echo

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    Re: ZeroYuki Symbolism

    Post by Rima echo on Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:02 pm

    With Zero losing his memories, well it's only proof to say that he will get them back, like Kaseumi Kageyama when his strong feelings for Ruka broke the spell that blocked his memories.
    And when Zero does get his memories back, I have a hunch he'll try to stop Yuki from sacrificing herself to turn Kaname human, just like in this picture here:


    As Yuki holds Kaname's sword in hand, Zero grabs the tip of the sword as well. "The sword is more eloquent (or more moving IMO) than the lips" - It looks like Zero is trying to stop Yuki, and I love the expressions on their faces! By the way, does anyone notice how often these two are depicted holding hands...


    Heck, they even hold hands as they kiss ^ ^.

    Even here, these two images display Yuki and Zero reaching out to one another by extending their hands.


    In one of the VK novels, there's a short story a girl, the one rejected by Zero at the dance, reads, about a prince and princess reaching their hands out to each other, an invisible glass wall between them representing two different worlds, the hunters and the vampires for Yuki and Zero. Sure enough, they extend their fingers out as far as possible, and the glass cracks, then breaks, and we don't find out the ending to the story, but I'm sure it has a happy ending Smile.
    And since this post seems to be focused on Zeki and their hand grasps I noticed how in this one New Year's picture, Zero's hand is missing.


    That's because, his hand is shown here, leading Yuki out of the Deep Dark Forest:

    And with the "sword is more eloquent than the lips" reminds me of this pic, with Zero in the coffin and Yuki trying to reach Zero with a sword!

    The caption reads "Deep in the coffin where the sword cannot reach". Yuki was unable to reach Zero within the cold, darkness he suffered in, via chapter 83.
    One more thing on Zeki, the mask = a secret, as Hino puts. In yet another picture I have, Yuki holds a mask and another sword:


    Along with chapter 87, Yuki feels as if she and Zero hide their hearts behind a mask. What secret does Yuki hide? Her hidden feelings for Zero! As for the sword, it's obvious that Yuki feels protected and cared for in Zero's arms~so sweet

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    Re: ZeroYuki Symbolism

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