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Terry Candy

    What was the meaning of this? CHAPTER 89

    Vampire Knight
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    What was the meaning of this? CHAPTER 89

    Post by lililovelilica on Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:34 am

    I still don't understand this well...
    Can explain me what was behind the words...the meanings...what was sugested by hino?

    1-"You don't laugh from your heart".

    Does this mean kaname is still thinking of dying?
    Even after this scen?

    I don't get what Hino-sensei is thinking,if she wanted to make us angry she wouldn't take this route,it reminds me of a take this route you get to be with this boy,the same as Skip Beat in the Anime and Manga,in Both ways she chose tsuruga ren,and what?
    Now that things are going well you're all hoping that Hino would kill Kaname?
    After all this demonstration of True Love for each other?
    I don't get this
    but i have to say that i've droped this manga 2 months ago,and now that i'm reading it all again i can't take it from my mind that all that Hino was trying to indulge from all the volumes was this Love that Kaname has for Yuuki and Yuuki as well,even if they'd suffer they would always stay together forever...
    That's what i got from reading all the volumes over again...

    But i'll ask you Yume lovers
    What do you think that will happen at chapter 90?
    They have the hope to stay alive and together and for the more happy?

    Bonus pic:
    Vampire Knight
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    Re: What was the meaning of this? CHAPTER 89

    Post by nina on Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:53 pm

    Mmm I think that Kaname repeats once more what he had said many times already in different forms. He believes that in this bloody world Yuuki cannot be fully happy thus she cannot smile genuinely from her heart.
    The same notion had expressed when he brought her back to her real nature… when he apologised for the many evil vampires of this world… when as a kid vowed to make a better and safer world where Yuuki would’ve been able to live freely and smile happily…
    He was content when Yuuki was living in a bubble… carefree as a human and unsuspected of the bloody world, despite that he was burning inside and his life was a living hell as Takuma had pointed out in the past and now Yuuki as well.

    So he isn’t telling something different or new now… something that is reinforced from his expressed wish to Isaya to turn Yuuki into a human again, as well.

    However my hunch is that despite that the above is the general idea, Kaname isn’t revealing the whole truth to Yuuki and Hino has chosen to stress out these blanks of Kaname’s “explanations”, through Yuuki’s queries and disbeliefs in this chapter…

    Long story short, IMO what remains to be revealed is summarised into Yuuki’s question >>
    “Why did you give up on living with me?”

    Now about Kaname’s line that he won’t run away anymore; I think he means for the time being… that his plan is reaching to its end either way, by sacrificing himself the next day… thus and Yuuki says that they are blocked i.e. as the things have turned out they cannot live together… he is about to throw his heart into the furnace and she is ready to sacrifice her life to stop him…

    "... I want to fall down with you to the very farthest depths ... taint me too Kaname"


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