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    Character Discussion: Yuuki Kuran

    Zero's Lost Cause~

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    Character Discussion: Yuuki Kuran

    Post by Zero's Lost Cause~ on Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:13 am

    What is Yuuki's relationship with Zero\Kaname?
    Do you think she has changed alot from when she was human?
    Her vampire Personality.
    Her human personality.
    In your opinion will Yuuki grow and become an important member of the vampire society?
    Does Yuuki like Zero or Kaname better?
    A pureblood in body but a human at heart?

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    Re: Character Discussion: Yuuki Kuran

    Post by juliet on Thu Feb 16, 2012 10:28 am

    A pureblood in body but a human at heart?

    I think that this is a nice description of Yuuki...

    Do you think she has changed alot from when she was human?

    I think she matured (how couldn't see?) because now she can see more sides of the world that surrounds her (the vampire world and the injustice that characterizes it) but also her own mission and goal in all of this; so she is having a much more clearer and completed view of who she is and what she wants to become. In her heart and sensitivities no Yuuki has not changed.

    Her vampire Personality.

    Its developing, I do not think that she has reached the maximum of her powers and understanding yet, but she is fighting it to grow and to stand on her own feet. At the future we shall meet her better i think.

    Her human personality. i said in her heart she remains the same with the need to find the goodness in people and vampires; that part of her has not changed. Now I think that this is what Kaname was referring to when he had asked her to remain the same. She is successful in that.

    In your opinion will Yuuki grow and become an important member of the vampire society?

    Yes, Yuuki has not the abilities of the leader as Kaname has them, neither the alarming nature of Zero but she has the understanding skills, the cooperative side that both the vampire and human world lack and need in order to function. I think that she shall be the bridge between the two sides in order to reach a more effective cooperation. Either for her sake or either because of her hard work or both, she is the reason that these two men can collaborate even if they do not trully wish to Razz (so in reality this role is already previewed from early chapters).

    What is Yuuki's relationship with Zero\Kaname?
    Does Yuuki like Zero or Kaname better?

    We have other threads where we can debate over that, so in this own I will just state my opinion without indulging in a debate.

    I think that she needs them both;

    Kaname is the link to her past, is the only remain true family that Yuuki has and her door in order to unlock the secrets of the vampire past which shall aid her at her path. Her love for him is natural. She loves him in the romantic sense with all herself and she has stated that too many times to ignore the issue. Therefore he is a very important person to her; currently the most important man she has in her life since he covers different needs in her that no one else can; he is irreplaceable.

    Zero is a friend and connects Yuuki back to her human life; he earned her concern and her attention because he was in a weak and disadvantageous position and that made Yuuki sensitive towards his case. I think that Zero is like Yuuki at the current point; they are both searching their ways and their path; not fully grown, not there yet. In this aspect it would be good if they could help each other and be companions on the journey. But I think that Yuuki's feelings for Zero stop there, right now IMO they do not reach the intense feelings of love that she experiences for Kaname.

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